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May 25, 2018

What can loan officers and business leaders like you learn from the habits and practices of highly successful realtors? While you might be already engaged with one or more of these practices, now is a great time to consider what you can do to up your game and take your business to the next level of growth and success. On this episode, you’ll get the opportunity to learn from author and business coach Bill Hart. In his conversation with Andrew, Bill touches on the six practices of highly successful realtors, how he got started in the mortgage industry, where the mortgage industry is headed, his new book “White Collar Warrior,” and so much more! You don’t want to miss a minute of this engaging episode featuring Bill!

Why it’s important to set micro and macro goals.

What is your relationship like with your goals? Seriously! Do you begrudgingly set them because you read it or heard it somewhere that you wouldn’t be successful without them or do you enjoy setting, working toward, and achieving your goals? On this episode, you’ll hear from business coach Bill Hart as he explains why it’s helpful to set goals and how he’s seen its impact on the career of successful realtors. According to Bill, it is very helpful to not only set your macro and large-scale goals but it’s necessary to set smaller micro-goals along the way too. Hear more from Bill as he expands on the topic of goals by listening to this episode!

6 practices that successful realtors utilize.

Too often many business leaders stumble their way through their career haphazardly finding tips and strategies that they can use along the way. Does that sound familiar or are you more intentional in your approach? Make sure you have pen and paper ready as special guest, Bill Hart reveals the six practices that he’s observed successful realtors use.

  1. Get clarity and find your niche.
  2. Time block by controlling your time very specifically.
  3. Specialize in generating leads.
  4. Crave efficiencies and create systems.
  5. Radiate confidence in a healthy and non-threatening way.
  6. Track leads and goals!

Which practice do you feel like you need to start implementing in your business? Do you know some team members or peers who could use this list? Share it! Get more helpful tips and insights from Bill on this episode!

The trajectory and future of the mortgage industry.

Where is the mortgage industry headed? How will technology continue to shape and impact mortgage originators? Will machines replace us all? What are successful realtors doing to prepare for future changes? On this episode, you’ll hear from Bill Hart as he opens up about his perspective on the future of the mortgage industry and what leaders like you can do to prepare for it. Don’t buy into the message of alarmists and doomsday propagators, while things may shift and evolve in the coming years as it has in previous years, there still remains plenty of opportunity in the mortgage industry. To hear Bill’s whole take and Andrews perspective on this topic as well, make sure to check out this fascinating conversation, you don't’ want to miss it!

Leave a lasting impact and lead with a service mentality!

What can you do to stand out from the rest of your competition? Do you need to do something crazy and outside of the box or can you stand out by returning to a simple but meaningful approach that many business leaders often miss? On this episode, Bill Hart goes over the impact that you can have on your clients by putting them first. While it may sound simple and elementary, serving your clients and leading with a servant mindset is rare these days! This is a great way to stand out and make a lasting impression on your clients and your community. To hear more about how you can lead with a service mentality as many successful realtors do, make sure to listen to this episode!

Topics From This Episode

  • [1:40] Andrew introduces his guest, Bill Hart.
  • [4:20] Bill talks about how he got started in the mortgage industry.
  • [7:00] What is Bill’s background?
  • [10:00] Why clarity in your business is so important.
  • [14:00] Six practices of top performing realtors.
  • [25:30] Setting goals on a micro and macro basis.
  • [33:30] Addressing work-life balance.
  • [37:00] What is the state of the mortgage industry? Where is it trending?
  • [42:30] How is technology impacting mortgage originators?
  • [48:00] Bill talks about his new book, White Collar Warrior.

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