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Aug 17, 2018

Chris Fenoglio is both an amazing branch manager and loan originator. He is the branch manager at Finance of America Mortgage and a direct competitor a direct competitor of Andrew. On this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions Chris explains how he is able to balance work and life while still originating over $100 million in new loans and managing a team of 70 people. Chris has an interesting way to scale his business. He maintains organic reach with many realtors and uses the DISC assessment to help him match buyers with the right personalities. Listen to this episode to hear how Chris tells us his secrets about how he manages to do it all.

How does he balance managing and originating loans?

Chris Fenoglio is able to produce more than $100 million in loans each year while managing a team of 70 employees. That sounds like a job for two people, right? So how does he do it all? Chris enjoys being a loan originator and feels that it is important for him to stay relevant and be a top producer. He loves puzzles and enjoys the puzzle aspect of being a loan originator. Chris has discovered a great way to manage his team and has structured his organization in a way that LO's have plenty of autonomy and can help each other. The team is encouraged to try new ideas and see what works for them. Listen to Chris divulge his secrets of being an amazing team leader and loan officer.

How does Chris use the DISC profile to help him work with others?

Chris has noticed that the DISC profile has helped him pair himself with realtors and clients that he works well with. He asks that realtors use the assessment to see if they would be a good fit to work together. If they are a good fit then he asks them to send him clients that would also be a good fit for his personality. If the client has a different personality type that doesn't match with his, then Chris is able to use different team members to compliment the client’s personality and provide them with the service that would best suit them. He finds this to be a great benefit of having a team with different personalities. Listen to Chris describe his own DISC profile and learn how he uses this tool to match clients with the right loan officer.

What is his work-life balance like?

Chris is a workhorse. He is one of the most productive loan officers around and he still has time to oversee a staff of 70. He knows he has to work really hard to maintain the high level of service to his client and to manage his team. He attributes his work-life balance to finding the right partner and learning how his family’s needs have changed as his family has grown. Chris’s work-life balance is much different now that his kids are older. He turns off the phone when he gets home. This allows him to disconnect from work and connect with his family in a meaningful way. One of the benefits of having junior loan officers is that he is able to assign someone to respond to emails over the weekend so that he can enjoy family time. Listen to this episode to hear Chris’s challenges with maintaining the right work-life balance for his family.

How has he structured his team?

Chris has found an interesting way to structure his team so that everyone performs their best. He has learned which loan officers are better at inside loans and which are better outside loan officers. The outside loan officers deal with client communication. Chris has his highest producers in charge of their own teams. His clients only communicate with two people during the loan process. He feels this way they get specialized communication without feeling like they are being passed off to another person. Listen to this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions to hear about Chris’s amazing team and their structure.

Topics From This Episode

  • [4:22] How did Chris Fenoglio become a $100m+ producer?
  • [15:01] How does he balance managing and originating loans?
  • [19:40] How does Chris use the DISC profile to help him work with others?
  • [24:19] What is his work-life balance like?
  • [30:33] How has he structured his team?
  • [39:15] How does he deal with emails?
  • [41:58] What is the best use of his time?
  • [46:02] What kind of interaction does he have with the client when they are in escrow?
  • [48:44] How does he balance specialization and communication?

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