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Jul 20, 2018

Todd Duncan became a loan officer at a time when there was zero consumer confidence in the mortgage industry. Coming into the business at this challenging time taught him how to be successful in any market. Todd has ridden the highs and lows of the mortgage industry and has met with incredible success and terrible failures. Todd has learned how to grow through tragedy and failure and has come back stronger, happier, and more successful than ever. Listen to Todd’s wise words of wisdom on how to grow your business now on this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions.

How has tragedy impacted his life and changed his perspective and curriculum?

Todd has experienced a great deal of tragedy and setback in his life and business. This has brought about a realization that in the most dramatic circumstances you won’t get a do-over. Tragedy has taught him, recentered him, and has made him stronger than he’s ever been. He has also learned to make purposeful and intentional decisions as if tomorrow is his last day on earth. Todd knows that he must own his story. He has learned to teach what he has learned so that his entire audience can learn from his mistakes. Listen to this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions to learn how to grow your business from Todd Duncan’s wealth of experience.

What is your 50-foot wave?

The 50-foot wave is a metaphor for coming up with the greatest challenge in your business. It’s not an obstacle, but a goal to implement. To set yourself and business apart from the rest of the competition, you have to think about how you can make specific improvements to the point that you have less competition. So, what is your 50-foot wave? What can you do that no one else is doing? When you are able to surf your 50-foot wave you will leave your competition on the shore. Listen to Todd describe how important it is to have this goal-oriented mindset and discover what he feels is the biggest obstacle in achieving goals on this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions.

How to dollarize what you do

Do you know exactly how much money a new client is worth to you? The most profitable relationships mature over time, so a new client shouldn't simply lead to a sale. If your clients aren’t referring at least 4 new clients over a 5 year period then you are doing something wrong. Dollarizing what you do is an important way to break down how you spend your time so that you can reflect on whether those activities generate revenue. If bringing in one client will lead to 5 successful loans over a 5 year period, then a new client can be worth $10,000. Learn how Todd Duncan teaches the importance of discovering how much you make doing each task in your business.

How to successfully scale your business

As a sales mastery coach Todd has helped hundreds of people scale their businesses to the next level. Todd believes that simplicity and implementation are key. Getting caught up in complicated plans will ultimately lead to failure. Once you have an idea on how you want to scale your business it is so important to implement it. If you have trouble implementing ideas, then hire someone as your chief implementation officer. This could be the most valuable hire that you ever make. Listen to this episode to hear Todd describe the importance of implementation in successfully scaling your business.

Topics From This Episode

  • [4:22] A bit of background on Todd
  • [8:22] Where did he learn his positive outlook?
  • [11:02] How does he get through the more difficult times in life?
  • [21:40] How has tragedy impacted Todd’s life and changed his perspective?
  • [26:22] Todd Duncan has learned the power in telling his story
  • [32:31] The 50-foot wave
  • [41:51] How has Todd seen people successfully implement scaling their business?
  • [48:33] Dollarizing what you do

Resources & People Mentioned

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