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Jul 6, 2018

Carl White joins Andrew for a conversation on the Loan Officer Strategy Sessions podcast. Carl is the founder of the mentoring group, Mortgage Marketing Animals, and he produces the Loan Officer Freedom podcast. The good news is that he is not here to discuss any of that. Carl and Andrew immediately jump into a discussion on how to have a better life. They don’t mess around with any fluff. Carl loves to share his secret to working less and earning more. You’ll want to hear Carl’s advice on how to make money doing more of what you love and less of all that other stuff. Listen to this episode to learn how to have a better life and business.

Being busy vs. being fulfilled

Carl has discovered a secret about being busy. More than anything else, being busy will ensure that you lose out on finding money-making opportunities. This may seem counterintuitive, but when you are busy you don’t have as much time to take on more clients and do the things that make you more money. Carl has a few questions for you to consider. What’s the number one thing that makes you money? How much time do you spend making money? What is the activity that leads you to make money? Listen to this conversation to discover how to eliminate the busy from your life and make more money.

How to make the most success out of life

Fear of rejection is real and everyone experiences it. The difference between success and failure is: feeling the fear and doing it anyway. It is important to remember that when someone rejects your offer they are not rejecting you as a person, they are rejecting the service you provide. If you take rejections personally then this inhibits you from calling someone else and pitching your offer. Each rejection is a learning opportunity if you allow it to be so. Carl has a lot to teach listeners about rejection and success, so listen in to hear his sage advice on how to achieve success and have a better life.

No one wants to work with a one-man band

Have you ever seen a one-man band? They can be fun to watch, but they are not providing the same quality of music as the Philharmonic. When you are the only one that does everything in your business this can cause you to look unprofessional. People don’t look at you with the same respect when you are the only one doing everything. As soon as you can hire someone to take some of the load off you will be moving forward. Talent acquisition is extremely important in running a successful business. The more people that you hire the more time you will have to focus on what you do best. Listen to Carl’s advice on how to work fewer hours and make more money doing what you love.

Evaluate your triad of awesomeness

There is a secret to working fewer hours and making more money. The first step is to make a list of all the things you do. From that list see what you truly love doing. Next, find out which things you have a knack for. Think about what your unique abilities are and them write down. Then find out which things actually make you money. There is a small sliver of activities that cover all three things. Those things are your triad of awesomeness. Once you start focusing on working solely on these things you will begin making much more money and you will work fewer hours. Listen to Carl White explain how to discover your triad of awesomeness so that you can begin to earn more and work less.

Topics From This Episode

  • [4:32] Busy will have you losing more opportunities than any other thing
  • [9:49] How to have the most success out of life as a whole
  • [14:20] The one-man band
  • [27:22] Make it easy for people to give you money
  • [36:01] Evaluate the triad of awesomeness
  • [43:33] How to build your own team

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