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Apr 13, 2018

The mortgage lending industry is notorious for not offering much in the way of loan officer training, that's why this episode with Wally Elibiary is so powerful. On this episode, Wally backs up the dump truck and unloads a ton of loan officer training for free. He explains how he has systematized his business, built an incredible team and trained them how to use his systems, and established a referral network of not only real estate agents, but real estate agent teams. Can you imagine going from $30 million dollars in loans one year to $100 million 4 years later? That is what Wally’s team did and you're going to hear how it happened, on this episode.

A fool on fire is better than a scholar on ice. Implementation is what will grow your MLO business

There are lots of options for education and skills development that you can take advantage of. But if you are not implementing the things you learn you are wasting your time and your money. In this conversation, Wally explains how he came to the realization that he was foolishly squandering the knowledge he was learning by not doing anything with it. That realization and the changes that followed were the beginning of his transformation into a top producing mortgage loan originator and the leader of an amazing team of originators who are doing incredible volumes of business every month. You won't want to miss this episode, Wally doesn't hold anything back.

If your loan officer training was sub-par, Wally E can help you

It's not every day that you meet someone as successful and diligent to scale his own business as Wally is, who is also interested in helping others do the same thing. Wally is more than a coach for loan officers, he is an implementer - and that is much more important when it comes to scaling a business. The growth his own business has experienced as a result of the systems and procedures he has put in place demonstrates not only that he knows how he to make a business grow, but that he practices what he preaches. This episode is just the tip of the iceberg, but it is an episode that is full of value nonetheless. If you don't know Wally E, this is your chance to get to know a true professional who can help you take your lending business to the next level.

Wally’s big-results referral strategy: Focus your efforts on multi-realtor teams

Most loan originators have been told that they should be pursuing top-producing real estate agents in their area. That is common sense. But the next logical step is often overlooked. There are multi-agent teams out there who produce a staggering amount of combined sales. What if you could get an exclusive relationship with an entire team of Realtors like that? That is what Wally and his team focus on - and it is the referral strategy that has helped them grow their business volume to over $100 million per year. Listen to how Wally pursues those kinds of relationships and begin thinking through how you can do the same thing in your market. It's all on this episode.

Helping loan officers get out of the rat race through the smart implementation of systems

To be so committed to the scaling and growth of his mortgage lending business requires a bigger purpose than just making money. That is only simple logic when you consider that the volume of loans Wally’s team is doing ensures that he is not hurting financially. So why does he continue to grow his business? Because he wants to have the resources to help other mortgage lenders get out of the rat race and experience success, freedom, and the time needed to invest in the things that matter to them. On this episode, you can learn how to connect with Wally, receive his weekly videos, and learn the tips and tricks that this top producer has learned. Don't miss out!

Topics From This Episode

  • [0:43] Wally Elibiary: One of the most intense implementers Andrew knows
  • [2:00] How Wally got into the mortgage lending business
  • [3:18] The things that changed to help Wally’s business thrive: systems/team
  • [13:10] How Wally made the change to a more structured, deliberate approach
  • [20:40] Wally’s commitment: Helping Loan Officers get out of the rat race
  • [23:12] Is it still the right strategy to call on top real estate agents?
  • [25:50] The system Wally has in place to have realtors send him referrals
  • [30:23] The biggest challenge Wally is facing and how he’s gotten his team on board
  • [35:17] What’s the best way to combat companies that can offer lower rates?

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