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Aug 3, 2018

On episode 11 of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions Andrew welcomes Ryan Grant from Fairway Independent Mortgage. Although the two LO’s are technically competitors their market is big enough so that they can both be prosperous. Andrew respects Ryan as a visionary and an implementer and that is the focus of this episode. Ryan became an LO after attaining early success in lending while waiting to go to law school. This led him down this path to his future career. Listen to this episode to hear how Ryan implements a relationship based lending model to create an amazing client experience during the lending process.

Staff for where you want to be not where you are

As his business has grown Ryan has learned how to scale before he actually needs help. He started scaling by hiring one person to help him in 2011 so that he could get out and talk to realtors. He realized quickly that compensating his team well would lead to less turnover and in turn help him provide the best service to his clients. Although ‘the experts’ tell him that he is overstaffed, he feels that having a team of well-trained, well-paid professionals has enabled him to reach 150 million in sales. Listen to this episode to hear how Ryan has learned to hire help before he actually needs it and how this affects the client experience during the lending process.

How is he able to create a better client experience?

There has been a big shift in the consumer sentiment of buying and selling a home. With interest rates and home values on the rise, people have started thinking twice before jumping into home ownership. Ryan is able to create more than just a process for loan preapproval. Ryan insists on meeting with clients to provide financial consultations. He helps the client decide IF they should be buying a home. This allows the client to sit down and see the numbers on paper and ask questions. His mortgage consultants are paid a salary and not commission. This helps the client feel more secure that they are not being sold to. Listen to episode 11 of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions to hear how Ryan Grant give his clients a picture of their finances to guide them through the lending process.

What unique processes has he implemented to improve the lending process?

The difference between his service and another lenders is the connection he creates between his firm and the client. He creates a lasting connection before the client buys the home that continues during the lending process and for years afterward. The end of the transaction is not the end of hid relationship with the client, it’s just the beginning. Ryan’s team provides post-closing management with an annual financial review of their assets, investments, and estate planning. His clients see them as the expert for all things real estate and finance. Listen to this episode to hear about all the different perks that Ryan offers his clients during the lending process.

What is the pod system that he uses?

Ryan has created a pod system that pairs a mortgage advisor with a loan coordinator. These roles are basically a loan officer and a loan officer assistant. They can preapprove and pre-underwrite loans and each pod can close 15-20 loans a month. These two team members can just focus on the client during the entire lending process. They are able to make strong connections with the client. Ryan’s goal with the pod system is to create such an amazing client experience that the client always remembers the first and last names of the people that helped them with their mortgage. Listen to this episode to hear how the pod system has helped Ryan retain clients.

Topics From This Episode

  • [4:22] How did Ryan get starting in lending?
  • [7:50] How did Ryan learn how and when to scale?
  • [14:09] What are his goals over the next 5 years?
  • [16:55] How is he able to create a better client experience?
  • [24:33] What is the difference between his service and someone else’s?
  • [26:54] What does he do that is unique for his clients?
  • [32:45] What is the pod system that he uses?

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