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Jun 22, 2018

Are you curious to find out how you can create an exceptional customer experience with every transaction and improve your reputation with local realtors? Regan Hagestad is the founder of the Regan Hagestad Mortgage Group in the Manhattan Beach area of L.A. and joins Loan Officer Strategy Sessions to discuss how he strives to give each client a positive experience from the beginning of the onboarding process. Regan has also formed a mastermind group with local realtors in his area. You’ll want to listen to this episode to hear how the mastermind has led to new clients while he has developed meaningful relationships with local agents.

Reputation is everything in a market with a small geographic area

Regan works hard to maintain an excellent reputation in his area. If he is unfamiliar with a listing agent he introduces himself and mentions colleagues that they know mutually. This helps him establish a reputation and relationship right off the bat. When you already know most of the realtors that you work with there is zero room for error. He knows that his reputation is on the line with every transaction that he makes. He has 100% confidence that each mortgage will go through by practically underwriting the loan during the preapproval process. This ensures that when escrow is opened the deal will close every time. Listen to Regan describe how he maintains his reputation with realtors on this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions.

How does Regan upgrade the client experience from the beginning of the process?

Regan Hagestad avoids the back and forth email conversation between himself and the client by asking for all the things he needs up front. He finds it is much easier to ask for a list of 12 things at the beginning of the process rather than one or two things at a time at the end of the deal. He feels it isn’t one thing that you can do to improve their experience, it is a collective of everything. Your overall process is the foundation of your business. You can add nice little client touches during each step but the overall process has to be smooth. If you would like to learn how to create an exceptional customer experience then listen to this episode to hear Regan’s insightful tips.

How can you articulate the loan process to the client?

Regan explains his process to the client when they move into escrow. He explains that he has hired people that are experts in each step that they manage. He then introduces his team to the client and sets up a call where each team member explains why they are experts in their field. They also get a list of each team member and their contact information with what they do and where they come in in the process. This email is their roadmap that they can refer to throughout the whole process. They set it up so that the client is always talking to the right person every time rather than being passed off to someone else. Listen to Regan describe his process of onboarding new clients on this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions to hear how you can make an exceptional customer experience from the beginning.

How to put together a mastermind with agents in your area

After working in his area awhile Regan realized that he was a connection between a few top agents in his market. Agents normally wouldn’t work together in a group since they are all in competition with each other. Regan decided to ask them what he could do to make their lives easier. He proposed the idea of creating a mastermind group to 5 agents that he enjoyed working with. The agents meet up for drinks monthly and give the others in the mastermind a heads up when they know a new property is coming up on the market so that the agents in the group can think about whether they might have a client that would be interested. This group was built to help connect good agents to each other, but its effect has been great for Regan’s business too. Listen to this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions to hear how creating a mastermind to help others has worked to increase his business.

Two important keys for the organizers of local masterminds

What are important rules to remember when creating a local mastermind? One rule Regan gives is: you cannot ask for business in the group. Remember that getting business is a byproduct of organizing the group. Connecting agents is the actual goal. You must have good intentions to help connect others and the business will eventually come your way. The second key is about how to expand the group. He recommends that everyone must agree upon new members of the group, but that no one in the group should know who rejected a member. Listen to this episode of Loan Officer Strategy Sessions to hear all of Regan Hagestad’s tips on how to create a mastermind.

Topics From This Episode

  • [4:22] Meet Regan Hagestad
  • [7:52] Learning the old manual way has helped him
  • [12:59] He talks about his market
  • [16:22] Reputation is everything with such an insular market
  • [19:39] His preapprovals are essentially underwritten
  • [22:33] How do they upgrade the client experience
  • [28:08] How does he articulate his process to the client?
  • [34:22] Did he have any growing pains as he built out his team?
  • [35:35] He has put together a mastermind with agents in his area
  • [42:22] Two keys for mastermind organizers
  • [48:43] Regan’s Mortgage Success Blueprint was created to help you become a high producer

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